Why LiftScapes?

You have an elevator and are longing for a view.
You want the Lift-traveller to get acquainted with your company or organisation.

LiftScapes offers creative, marketing based content in a place where it gets seen.

Whether it is the unique location of your high-rise, the special character of its function or your corporate story. We develop ideas and give them shape.

With this periodically updated elevator-experience you can build a sustainable relation with your guests and customers. As we aim for a sustainable relation with you.

What do we do?

We listen.

We’ll be looking into the wishes behind the wishes to find the nuts and bolts of your communication.

An early concept will be made based upon further elaborations on the idea. After approval it wil be turned into a definitive concept on which the final completion begins.

In addition to providing the in-house developed elevator-computer interface, advise will be given on required equipment and synchronisation systems and we will coordinate the finalisation.

With a service and update subscription you’ll be guaranteed to have regular technical updates and renewed content.

Ground floor!

The possibilities of LiftScapes for communication purposes are plenty. A romantic sight, a journey through time or space, abstract, artistic, showcasing, your business philosophy as an elevator pitch, ... anything is possible.

Get onboard and see what we can do for you.

Basement - Who are we?

We form a partnership of two companies, TailorMade Visions and Happy Ship.

Robbert Vogtländer (TailorMade Visions) conceived the concept of an interactive computer-driven "view" for lifts and found in Martin Venema (HappyShip) the ideal partner for the artistic and technical realisation.

With his background in television management and production and a specialisation in connecting communication in image and sound, Robbert Vogtländer is your contact and artistic director.

TailorMade Visions produces connecting business films and campaigns with knowledge of behavioural psychology.
Happy Ship is a computer animation-studio for tv and film and projects in Virtual Reality.